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Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS

Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS


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Part Number:GPS-001 Manufacturer: Nautilus

Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS

The Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS is more than a PLB, more than an EPIRB, and more than a satellite messenger. Communicate directly with boats and ships around you. Divers. Sailors. Paddlers. Nobody should be on the water without one.  Compact. Super tough. Affordable. You might not think you need one until you do!!

Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS is faster and safer than satellite technology. Press the red button to send your distress alert directly to all boats, ships, and rescue craft around you. Your position sent is accurate to 1.5 metres!

Nautilus GPS was designed diver tough, with a 425 ft depth rating. It is the perfect peace of mind for sailors to throw in their jump kit or for paddlers to tuck into their life jacket. Just don’t forget to change the batteries every 5 years!

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