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About Us

The Scooba Shack is a full service Dive Center located in Richmond Hill, Ga about 10 miles south of Savannah. We offer equipment sales, rentals, training, expert maintenance and repair service. The best source for accredited dive training in the Low Country we carry industry leading product lines and staff a knowledgeable and friendly crew.

The Shack Crew

Rob Lanoue
Born and raised in the great white north, Rob migrated from Canada in the late 80’s to Savannah, GA where he traded his hockey skates in for a pair of fins. He began teaching SCUBA in 1988, has certified over 1,000 new divers and has more than 10k hours of bottom time. Rob’s experience in the industry has provided him with numerous intriguing stories that provide great entertainment during surface interval times and certification courses. He has been fortunate enough to be able to follow his dream and live his passion by opening a dive shop to spread the good word that is SCUBA.
David Anderegg (Super Dave)
My name is Dave. I dive, I play music, and I make beer; life is pretty good. But above all else, scuba diving is my favorite thing. I love the relaxation, the concentration, the silent aquatic world. I love being amidst all the marine life, and I love being outdoors and under water. And I love that I get to share it with others as an instructor. From teaching the basics to beginners, to helping already certified divers hone their skills and learn new ones, it’s a blast teaching others to do what I love to do the most.
Tony Saxon

Service Tech, Instructor
Hi my I am Tony Saxon and the gear tech for the Scooba Shack. I am certified to service all makes of gear sold through the Scooba Shack. I have been diving since 1989 and enjoy it very much. I started instructing in 1984 but took a short break in 2001. I am now back to instructing which I enjoy. I hold 3 specialty diver certifications from PADI underwater hunter, wreck diver, and enriched air. I enjoy all types of diving but my favorite is wreck diving. Live-aboards are my favorite type of dive trips. I have dove all over Florida and the Bahamas and a short trip to Grand Cayman island. My favorite place to dive is West Palm Beach. They have some of the prettiest reef on the planet. My bucket list dive is to dive seal island off the coast of South Africa where the Great White sharks fly. I am happily married with 2 kids and the whole family are certified divers. I work at Gulfstream Aerospace as a cabinetmaker. I like to cook for large parties and make the best low country boil you will ever eat or so I have been told.