Check out all the great stuff we've added to the store!

Check out all the great stuff we've added to the store!


Highly recommended for certified divers who want a pre-travel update or just to review skills.

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Refresh your skills

Haven’t been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher? Taking a Refresher class is the perfect way to update your dive skills and knowledge from the Open Water Diver Course before jumping back into the water.  Whether you want a few reminders or need to go over the basics, the refresher class is personalized for you.   It’s quick and easy, and a good way to prepare for your next PADI course or get ready for a diving vacation.

*Your PADI certification does not expire. Participation in a refresher class is not mandatory, but recommended as an easy way to refresh your foundational scuba safety knowledge and skills if you haven’t been diving in a while.

What will you learn?

In the water, your PADI Professional will help you regain comfort and confidence in scuba diving. You’ll practice a few safety-related skills and then go over anything you specifically want to review.

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